The Paradox of Power-Rigor

. I feel this to be an enormous oversight of mine, that I had, still, unwittingly, been assuming that rigor and power were opposed, as the individual to society, as revolution to conservation…
. But the most private and the most public coincide — the coincidence, in fact, is quite surprising
. This coincidence in fact means to me that there is another element controlling everything, establishing these coincidences
… the absoluteness of society is quite surprising
… and I had also been thinking of how society is made up of the entirety of life, from birth to death
. The absolutelness of this intersection is what I want to think about here…
. And also, getting ahead of ourselves, there is also the question of intervention, ie, if we can no longer, naively — still! — simply celebrate rigor
. Honestly, I find it quite shocking that I had been unwitthingly harboring this all this time
. I always have Bartleby in the back of my mind
. Wtih Bartleby, we had been concentrating too much on the “private” aspect — “nobility” we called it
. Bartelby being someone that demands a response, and also, the “abhorring a vacuum” principle when it comes to perception
. Our understanding of Bartleby, however, takes off on predetermined paths — this is probably what we would call metaphysics
. But these preestablished paths are not, in fact, determined by society, in a one-sided way
. But rather I imagine here a kind of encounter and a kind of “codevelopment”
. We need not, of course, concern ourselves some absolute origin, or some causal chain — all that happens inside the brain
… in fact, I wonder if Bartelby itself is not some account of some new way of understanding this encounter…
— so yes, there is an encounter, a “codevelopment”, one that is never “the first encounter”, but always a reencounter (the moment where rigor “picks up” on some legend there)
… and we can even speculate on things like “heliotropism”, the slow transformation of these encounters

– I really think this is quite brilliant — we are talking about encounters, *reencounters*, and how they are structured by the material.
– The next thing on the agenda will be what sort of “legends” that Bartleby draws upon, and how that is determined by this materialistic puppetmaster…


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