Drinking, Love, and Translation

; I feel like I’m going back in time, back to all the things that interested me once — drinking, girls, and literature.
; It’s not what it sounds like, I wasn’t a party animal, but all these things seem to hold, actually, a very similar sort of sway over one
; very similar in fact to what we’ve been calling “the visibility problem”
; though I suspect that we were far too specific there.
; all these things are a kind of interruption, a focus on the moment
; “the moment”, the “impossibly thin moment” — that was how we described, in the “visibility problem”, the feeling that one should be able to see how one thinks
; this moment is also an “addition”, it is a new fantasy at the same time that it is an analysis or a breaking apart of an old one.
; all these things are related! —
; 1) drinking — drinking is an interruption in normal functioning
; there is a high degree of self-awareness in all drugs, which is not, in fact, as some might think, a “new power” or something
; but it comes from — conceived of conceptually, and naively — the breaking up of experience, a new strange self-consciousness
; I can tell you the exact moment when weed went from mind-expaning to a source of anxiety and paranoia
; — and that is not a physiological shift but rather … one based on concepts, for me.
; less naively, it is the the vivid reencounter of some agent we’ve always know to be there
; — hmmm — well, hold on for a second there …
; the great thing about our last thinking of translation was that — and this might sound wishy washy — that we left it “as is” in a way
; translation is a mystery to us, but there is a sense of nobility there, a sense of something breaking apart
; this is the same thing with drinking too — something new arises about drinking, we attribute it a powerful and subtle political effect
; I can’t imagine any kind of politics taking place without some manifesto on drinking, drugs, or otherwise …
; so that “less naively” — we should say that the breaking up of the consciousness is really how things tend to settle
; I still remember very vividly the strange seem of impossible self-awareness: seeing oneself see — that I experienced when I first tried weed
; At the same time, of course, I recoil in horror —
; I have returned — returned to the horrible nexus — which is precisely the intersection of nobility, drinking, love, and and literature,
; but whereas these things simply rotted there before, in that horrible sense of decadence,
; I feel like our task is clearer now, because we know to be more than descriptive
; yet there is something powerful about this nexus nonetheless…
; NEXT: New Nobilities




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